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These are some environment variables:

REMOTE_ADDR - IP address of a client

HTTP_VIA - if it is not empty, then a proxy is used. Value is an address (or several addresses) of a proxy server, this variable is added by a proxy server itself if you use one.

HTTP_X_FORWARDED, HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, HTTP_CLIENT_IP - if it is not empty, then a proxy is used. Value is a real IP address of a client (your IP), this variable is also added by a proxy server if you use one.

HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE - what language is used in browser (what language a page should be displayed in)

HTTP_USER_AGENT - so called "a user's agent". For all browsers this is Mozilla. Furthermore, browser's name and version (e.g. MSIE 5.5) and an operating system (e.g. Windows 98) is also mentioned here.

HTTP_HOST - is a web server's name


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