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We invite you to use our forum after a long break. Forum address unchanged - http://forum.proxy.net.pl

Proxy - This software (programming) is or server through it software (programming) which (who) connect that server. We can be connected by behind assistance of protocol proxy HTTP, HTTPS. We are connected by server behind assistance of proper software (programming) proxy. We can enter by server in browser most simply putting address server ( proxy as put in browser for available browsers in (to) menu ) proxy. Servers have to accelerate process of boating (loading) for task www pages proxy, through its (her) holding of (sticking of) in memory. Process of boating of (loading of) part is accelerated due to it.

Three kind of servers have anonymous absolutely

* elite proxy through kind of server - connect with proxy, we send no information that we use with server

* anonymous - proxy anonymous it sends information for server - server that we use with server proxy.

* transparent proxy - transparent our address makes public institute of labour -, fastest boating of (loading of) www page is sole advantage cache.

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